Scared to Use Eyeliner- Here’s How


It is difficult to put on eyeliner when one is first beginning. New users might worry about poking their eye in the process. That is why these lessons regarding how to use eyeliner pencil for beginners was compiled.

When first using the pencil, make sure it is properly sharpened so that the wood surrounding the crayon will not scrape the eye. Liquid eyeliner users of course will not have this worry. Also, the point should be dull, not sharp enough to cut.

To test whether the crayon has not expired or has a defect, put a line on the hand. If it goes on smoothly with very little pressure, then it is safe for the face.

Try to just outline the bottom of the top eyelid. Go from corner to corner. If nervous or one wants to make the eyes appear bigger, then go from the outer eye to the middle of the lid. Now fill in any gaps and smooth out. Using liner under the eye is very old fashioned and will make the eyes appear smaller. Try to use only light colors under the eye.

This guide on how to use eyeliner pencil for beginners should help all of those who want a little more instruction before first applying a new make up medium to the face.